Ramirez Landscape is a new company that is preparing to grow. But don’t let our size fool you, we are capable of performing complete landscape maintenance, and a number of specialty landscape services. With the combined efforts of our experts, we fill the roles of landscaping experts, arborists, and irrigation contractors. If you’re unsure of whether we can provide you with assistance, please look at the specific service pages. If you don’t see your service listed, please reach out to us and if your project involves your landscape, we will likely have a solution for you! Below you can find a brief overview of our popular services, they include landscape maintenance, tree services, irrigation and drainage.


Landscaping & Maintenance – We provide our landscape services for large and small scale, commercial landscaping projects, particularly communal locations like parks. Our landscape maintenance and landscape design is rather popular with homeowner associations and other organizations that need big picture landscaping performed. We will meet with your designers and get a good idea of what your vision is, from there we can discuss price and expectation for the job. We can also start a job without plans and can work from scratch to create a landscape design!

Tree Service – Anything involving the maintenance or removal of pre-existing trees falls under this category. Our most popular residential services all involve tree services. Our talented arborists are well-suited for any jobs involving your trees. If you’re looking for a safe tree removal service or routine care for your trees, we will have the perfect solution in mind for you. We have plenty of specialty tools available for a wide range of roles, including our special stump grinding tool!

Irrigation & Drainage – We are trusted irrigation contractors. If you’re looking for reliable drainage solutions in your future residential landscape, we are more than willing to take a look at your proposed landscape design in order to determine the best irrigation and drainage systems for your landscape.

Tree Service