Tree Services

The majority of our residential clients use and highly recommend our tree trimming and removal service. It is our goal at Ramirez Landscape to provide you with the most affordable tree service removal available. We treat our tree services much like you would treat a haircut. While one time projects are great for restoring your landscape, such as tree stump grinding, and tree cutting services, we also offer routine upkeep of trees in the form of regular care and tree trimming. Owner Fernando Ramirez is a licensed arborist. He is well versed in the best practices for promoting healthy tree growth that looks great! Take a look at the range of affordable tree services that we offer:

Routine Tree Care: The talented arborists of Ramirez Landscape know the best practices for taking care of your trees. They are knowledgeable in a wide range of trees and their specific needs. We will create a perfect soil blend and develop the ideal watering routine to promote the best growth.

Tree Trimming: Sometimes you don’t need to go through great lengths like a tree removal service, but a nice touch up will suffice. With a tree pruning service, one of our arborists will come on site, and cut back any overgrown branches.
Tree Cutting Service: Don’t stress over your plant life if it’s becoming too overgrown! Be sure to act quick if you have tree branches that are growing too close to your home. Nothing is more frustrating than cleaning leaves out of the gutters or off of your car because of a nearby branch. Leaving problem branches like these unattended could harm your roof during a storm or even break a window! With our tree cutting service, we will cut back those branches and save you the trouble.

Tree Removal Service – Sometimes a tree will become too old or its roots might not have a firm enough hold in the ground. If this is the case, you will need to employ our tree removal service as soon as possible. We will remove the tree safely, leaving it unattended could cause it to fall in an undesirable location like a power line or your home!

Tree Stump Grinding – After we remove a problem tree, you will most likely have a stump leftover in your yard. We have access to a number of specialty tools at Ramirez Landscape. An example of this is the tree stump grinder, and it does exactly what you think it does! We will grind your tree stump down to sawdust and get it out of your yard. It won’t even look like there was a tree in the first place!

Routine Tree Care
Tree Cutting Service